London calling



Following the 2011 Music in the Parks competition in which it was awarded first place in each category, the GDRHS music program was invited by the Olympic Entertainment Organization to perform at the summer Olympic Games in London – the only group in the northeast to be invited. The trip then had to be approved by the School Committee. Pending a successful appeal to the committee, music director Timothy Savoy obtained permission to take the GDRHS Chamber Chorus on the trip. The group needs to raise funds necessary for air fare, insurance, and accommodations, a total of about $150,000. If it can, it will be featured in three performances at Olympic Park. The chorus will also perform at up to eight other venues in London and was also chosen to perform live and on the Jumbo-Tron at the Olympic Stadium in front of an audience of approximately 70,000. Even still the chorus, in a show of unity, has collectively resolved to only go on the trip if every singer can attend. (CAPTION/PHOTO: Joseph Dussault)